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    Care Instructions

    Due to the delicate nature of your Minxy Swimsuit, it must be treated with extra love and care. To get the best life out of your swimwear please read through carefully.

    While some of our swimwear is designed for use in a pool they are not intended for strenuous activity and shouldn’t be worn for long periods in chlorinated or salt water.

    Embellished suits that have crystals, link or chain hardware are luxury poolside items ONLY and not intended for water exposure. Discolouration or deterioration will not be the responsibility of Minxy Swimwear if the guidelines are not followed correctly.

    All suits MUST be hand washed! We advise all suits to be rinsed immediately following use of activity using cold/ lukewarm water in a mild detergent, avoiding submerging the accessories/embellishments in water. Please take care when applying lotions, oils or fake tans so as not to mark the fabrics. Do not iron, tumble-dry, machine wash or dry clean. It is advisable to keep items flat and don’t wring them dry to keep the fabric from stretching.

    We use the best dyes available but cannot guarantee complete colour-fastness. It is normal for customised dyes to bleed when wet so we recommend avoiding light coloured clothing over wet garments.

    Every individual garment is quality checked, this is to ensure embellishments are in perfect condition upon leaving the premises. Every item is placed in protective wrapping on transit so no item is damaged upon arrival.

    Finally, we ask when trying on your swimsuit that is done carefully to avoid any damage to fragile embellishments. Breakages due to ill fit will not be the responsibility of Minxy Swimwear so please do not force garments on if they are not the correct size!